Interesting week ahead

Namaste People!

Finally…getting started with the blog posts – thank you WordPress!

Hey, do we know they’re having Presidential elections in November in the USA? Watched Obama speech on a Hindi news channel, of course owned and ‘influenced’ by some American company. I don’t watch American politics pretty closely but it just is a delight to watch President Obama delivering an electoral speech. I remember his ‘Yes we can’ speech but then his hairs were all black, as far as I remember. Good that he doesn’t use hair colors or dyes – at least at office, it will keep the ‘Lewinskis’ away.

Now there’s a great Maratha back here in India who says if the Indian government would give him the command of Indian army, he would fix every problem and get things straight within a month for India. I mean, this guy is approximately 86 years of age, never perhaps in his entire life, ever tried to take a preliminary entrance test of army perhaps because of the fear that he might have to participate in the war against either Pakistan or China, and look what he is asking for!

Local news, Jaipur – JDA destroys encroachment property of Neerja Modi School, Jaipur and others

A surprising move by the Jaipur Development Authority guys came up on Sunday when they initiated destruction of a part of the Neerja Modi School situated in the dry riverbed’s catchment area (Amanishah Nallah, as it is locally known), following the high court orders. Though this move is appreciated but then this episode also ‘certifies’ that the structure demolished was illegal, yet standing tall for quite some time.

Considering the fact that it’s an educational institution, encouraging encroachment and leading by example on how to encroach land, build on it and then capitalize on it illegally, the question is what kind of ethics and morals is the school authority carrying with themselves and forward? Moreover, why shouldn’t the court consider providing strict guidelines or at least an anecdote on such ‘traders’ of education whose only intention is to suck money out of the institution than to provide quality education, with stronger ethics, discipline and better code of conduct?

So it seems like the coming week is going to be quite an interesting and a happening one.  India takes on New Zealand in 20-20 international match, Balasaheb Thakre’s choice of Prime Minister will have the news channels debating for at least two days, lots of birthdays lined up and son’s class tests start this week, besides I am happy to find myself starting on two new projects this week.

Until next post…

Tanmay Chauhan


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