How TOI made up a story of female feticide

The Male Factor (TMF)

If you have the opinion that there exists only one type of feticide – “female feticide”; our media is fully responsible for that. This is because our mainstream media can create enough illusion in the minds of educated Indians to make them believe the same even with statistics that shows MORE MALE FETUS were killed.

A recent report published by ace Indian newspaper Times of India projects an AIIMS study that showed 48% male fetus being killed in South Delhi compared to 46% girls, shows rampant killing of female fetus and projects that as cruelty to girls while keeping silence on the real issue of male feticide as revealed by the study.

Feticide 1 How TOI projected the study in online news

The online version of the news still shows an image where a girl is at the center of a gun point when the description said “males outnumbered females”…

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My pout on Indian actress Nandita Das’s sycophancy

Nandia Das believes every man is a potential rapist
Indian actress Nandita Das thinks every man is a potential rapist. Not every woman is lucky to get divorced twice (not talking about settlement amounts here) and carry on life as a single parent. I believe personal frustrations should never turn into hatred for the entire society.

Transcripts of conversation between Nalini Chidambaram & Dr. Kathirvel show the hubris of the family

This is a part transcript I picked up from another website revealing the conversation between the wife of former Finance Minister of India and Congress MP, Mr. P. Chidambaram. It apparently looks the conversation was way too longer than the two-page transcript but I just felt it’s worth spreading the word about people we trust and how they betray us. Here’s the transcripts:


Transcripts of conversation between Nalini Chidambaram & Dr. Kathirvel show the hubris of the family
transcript of conversation between Nalini Chidambaram w/o former Finance Minister of India, P Chidambaram, and Dr. Kathrivel regarding hotel grabbing


You can find the details here: