About Me!

Namaskar people!

My name is Tanmay Chauhan and I live in Jaipur, India.  I will turn 42 this August 29 and have a wonderbulous 7-year-old son who says his mom is real scary and…whatever.

I am a freelancer by profession – I design websites, I transcribe audios, I write articles etc. etc… hey, after all it’s about the inseparable “I”. Just felt that it’s time I should try to connect with people out on the i-world, express my views and have a debate so here I am making a start with this blog.  I know if god gets scared with whatever I write, he’ll shut my blog down pretty quickly and it won’t be due to me or my legendary lethargy that this virtual diary gets abandoned or overlooked.

“Have mercy on God – STOP praying; START facing!”

[You will see more about me here within these parentheses pretty soon]

Tanmay Chauhan


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